Ways You Can Support Your Child’s Martial Arts at Home

Ways You Can Support Your Child’s Martial Arts at Home

If your child takes martial arts classes, you are probably aware of the myriad benefits that come from this practice. However, that discipline, exercise, and mindfulness may have fallen to the wayside since many classes have been suspended due to the pandemic. If this is the case, you might notice your child getting moody, bored, and full of pent-up energy. Fortunately, there are ways you can support your child’s martial arts practice in your own home. These will carry you through the pandemic and beyond, allowing your child to keep their skills sharp no matter what. 

Look Into Complementary Exercise Routines 

Can’t make it to class? These workouts will keep them ready for when classes restart. 

  • Regular cardio is an absolute must for any athlete, as it improves endurance and helps maintain a good fitness level. 
  • By building a flexibility routine into your family’s day, you’ll reduce the odds of injury and improve your overall range of motion. 
  • A safe, simple bodyweight or weightlifting routine can help kids build strength.
  • Respect Martial Arts is currently offering professionally taught virtual karate classes so your kids can keep up with their training. To ensure that you are safely and accurately practicing your skills, it’s advised that you take a virtual class via an app like Zoom.

Create a Practice Space 

Martial arts practice requires lots of room and a safe environment. Here’s how to recreate this kind of space in your own home.

  • Pick a room with a lot of floor space, such as a basement, so your child has plenty of room to move around. Keep in mind that you may need to remodel this space to accommodate the type of martial arts your child prefers.
  • Large mirrors can help your child self-examine their form and identify weak spots. 
  • Consider installing a sound system so your child can listen to instructional tapes or motivational music while they go through their routines. 
  • Martial arts are, by their very nature, loud sports: As such, soundproofing the space might be a gift for everyone else in the family. 
  • Installing safety mats will help reduce the risk of repetitive-use injury, as well as protect your child should they fall. 
  • Try to keep the space as multi-functional as possible: An exercise studio is a great selling point that can improve your home’s market value

Giving your child the space and opportunities to practice martial arts can stave off boredom, preserving their physical and mental health during a difficult time. Plus, they’ll continue to have the space well after the pandemic has subsided. Giving them a zone where they can dedicate themselves to a craft will improve their confidence and discipline, and help them grow into happy, capable adults. 

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Post By: Charlene Roth @ http://safetykid.info – charlene.roth@safetykid.info


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