To peek or not to peek. Should children copy other children in martial arts?

During karate classes at Respect Martial Arts many parents get concerned if their child is looking over at the other children to copy their move. This is perfectly normal and in the beginning, we and even encourage it. To develop self-esteem and self-confidence a child needs a platform to stand on. Mimicry is a powerful multi-sensory way to learn and new parents aren’t sure this is appropriate. Of course, we don’t want our children to copy poor behavior and in-class our instructors will even mention this. If a child is behaving badly we’ll mention they are being a poor role model so that they too understand they are part of the synergistic process of learning and not on their own. Ultimately they will perform solo skills and have to rely on themselves but in the beginning, being part of the tribe is the best way to learn. Let them make their mistakes, let them look around for reassurance and trust it’s part of the process.