Are you struggling with bad behavior with your children at home?

Would you like to learn how to teach your children respect, discipline, and focus?

One of the things that I feel is the cornerstone of how we achieve those kinds of results with children here at the school is that we are very consistent in the way that we do things; we’re consistent in our actions, we’re consistent in our words, and we’re consistent in our feelings.

Here at the school, we have several instructors and as each class goes on, we have to deliver consequences. Consequences for positive behavior consequences for negative behavior and in the past each instructor would do it a little differently.

And we found that the kids had all kinds of behavioral issues, and we couldn’t really figure them out. Once we, once we’re able to get all the instructors on the same page, have an instructor’s meeting, get together, say, this is how we do consequences and all the instructors are doing this consistency. It was amazing how well and how much better the children behaved in class. At home, if you could, you know, maybe have a little powwow or meeting and talk about how consequences are delivered to your children. And every parent in the house is consistent in the way they deliver it. I think you’re going to get good results with your children.

Secondly, here at the school, we have very consistent words that we use with children. We’re very positive in our reinforcement. We don’t tell them things like, well, you did that badly, or you did it wrong. We might tell a child that they could have done it better, or we might ask them how they could have done it better. Or we might ask them, is that the best you can do? So we’re consistent across the board with our words, our words are very. At your home, if you can find ways to keep the wording consistent amongst all the family members or parents at the school, I think you’re going to find that, you know, the consistency in those words is going to develop a foundation with the children’s that they, they kind of know where they stand. If one person in your household describes something as playtime, as sitting, you know, maybe quietly reading. a. And another person’s playtime is running and screaming. You know, kids really don’t know where to stand. So getting together with everybody in the household and saying, Hey, look, when I say playtime, this is what I mean or when I say focus time, this is what I’m looking for. That kind of consistency helps a tremendous amount with children.

And the last area of consistency is feelings here at the school. We make sure that the children know we care about them. I mean, we are a martial art school, but that doesn’t mean that we have to lack care, and we make sure that we demonstrate that care to the children, even when we’re giving out consequences. So the instructors here know that if they have to give a kid a timeout or whatever it is that we have to do, that might be a consequence, we don’t have to have an angry face and say, well, you know, you’re, you’re in timeout. We can simply give them the timeout and do it in a way that lets them know we’re here, we care about you, but here are the rules of the school. These things have to be followed if you can’t follow them. Here are the consequences. If you can follow them, it’d be great. We’d love to have you train with us. At home, if you can create a continuous sense of love for your kids, or communicate with them, to let them know that you love them. No matter. I think you’re going to find that their response to you is going to be a lot more positive and their behavior’s going to be a lot more positive.

If you find that part of yourself, that can always create that connection. Always let them know, Hey, look, you know, here are the consequences. Here’s what has to happen, and I love you. But these are the things that I have to do you’re going to find that develops a tremendous amount of security in children. And I feel that that sense of security, that sense of self-esteem is the foundation for focus, respect, and discipline.

So be consistent in your actions. Make sure you’re consistent with your words and make sure you’re consistent with your feelings. I think you’re going to see some amazing results.