Does Your Child Need A Fun, Supportive, and Educational Activity?

Young children are curious and active – and they sometimes have difficulty learning to control their bodies and their behavior. They crave structure and thrive in an environment that’s supportive, educational, and fun.

What is the best age to start karate?

We have developed our “Pre Karate” class to focus on listening and learning skills AND self defense to serve the 3-6 age group.

What are the benefits of karate for children?

Learning karate will not only help your children stand up for themselves, but it can also help them build their confidence and hone their leadership skills.

Does karate help kids with discipline?

The martial arts actually help teach self-discipline and socialization skills.

In fact, many parents whose children have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) report great success with these programs because self-control and concentration are exactly the skills underdeveloped in ADHD kids.

Will karate help my child’s behavior?

It has been proven in numerous scientific studies that martial arts, such as karate, helps to promote improved behavior in kids by giving them an outlet for their energy and aggression, while helping to focus their minds.